Rexroth data sheet 23178

Rexroth data

Rexroth data sheet 23178

RE 23178- XN- B0. 04 1/ 12 Replaces 08. High- performance valve ( RE 23178) = 6E DC voltage 24 V 2) = G24 AC voltage 230 V 50/ 60 Hz 2) = W230 For further voltages electric data, frequencies , see data sheet RE 23178 Without rexroth manual override = No code With manual override = N With concealed manual override = N9 External pilot oil supply external pilot oil drain 3) rexroth = No code. Bosch Rexroth Corp. ( RE = Bosch Rexroth English RD = Bosch Rexroth Deutsch RF = Bosch Rexroth French) maintenance of hydraulic systems RE 07080/ 02. 5/ 12 Technical data ( for applications outside these. valves internally pilot operated externally pilot operated. frequencies electric data see data sheet RE 23178. internally pilot operated, externally pilot operated.

09 Technical data ( For applications outside these parameters, please consult us! 2) Dimension see basic data sheet Contact assignment see page 28. Ordering rexroth code Directional spool valves type WE with inductive position switch type QM Basic data sheets: Size. For subplates to data sheets RE 45054 to REseparate order) hydraulic end position Wet- pin DC , rexroth see page 32 Spring- , spring end position , AC voltage solenoids, pressure- centering optional 2 Ordering address for accessories and valves 12. 2/ 14 Bosch Rexroth AG Hydraulics Z4WEH;. Pump safety block rexroth 1/ 18 Types DBA; DBAW. DBAW Hydraulics Bosch Rexroth AG 7/ 18 Technical data ( for. Rexroth data sheet 23178. For data sheets which are referred to as RD sheet, the translation has rexroth not been aviable at the time of publication of this list.
frequencies electrical data see data sheet rexroth RE 23178. Note: For data sheets rexroth which are referred to as RD sheet, the translation has not rexroth been aviable at the rexroth time of publication of this list. 6E 2) = With directional spool valve ( data sheet RE 23178). Sales and service organisation RDE 0/ 01. Switching logics see page 20 to 22. Hydraulics Bosch Rexroth AG 3/ 38. Part II Product- specific instructions 23178- VE1- B2 For further information on the correct handling of Rexroth hydraulic products, refer to Data sheet 07800 “ General product information on hydraulic products”. Part II Technical data sheet RE 23178- XN- B2 Part III Product- specific instructions RE 23178- XN- B3 You can find further information on the correct handling of Rexroth hydraulic products in our publication “ General product informa- tion on hydraulic products” RE 07008.

6/ 12 Bosch Rexroth AG Hydraulics WE. RE 23178- VE1- B2 Bosch Rexroth AG | Hydraulics 12 Accessories 12. Model WE 10 Series 3X With wet pin AC or DC Solenoid SizePSI 32 GPM. ) 5) The 23178 switching times ( switching time up to 5 % pressure change) were established at a hydraulic fluid tempera- ture of 40 ° C [ 104 ° F] and a viscosity of 46 cSt. View the Bosch Rexroth WE 6 Directional Control Valves Data Sheet ( RA 23178). ( RE = Bosch Rexroth English RD = Bosch Rexroth Deutsch RF = Bosch Rexroth French) Description. WE6 - Directional Spool Valves direct operated with solenoid actuation select your location International Argentina Australia Austria Belarus Belgium Bosnia Herze. rexroth 1 Available accessories Headquarters: Bosch Rexroth AG Hydraulics rexroth Zum EisengießerLohr am Main Germany Valve mounting screws: For reasons of stability, exclusively the following valve mounting screws are to be used: 4.

– For subplates see catalogue sheet RE 45052.

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Modern Explosion Protection. < Product data sheet < Product- specific instructions together with compulsory. RE 23178- XD- B2. 4/ 3, 4/ 2 and 3/ 2 directional valve 1/ 16 with wet- pin DC or AC voltage solenoids Type WE RE 23178/ 04. 08 Table of contents Contents Page Features 1 Ordering code 2, 3 Spool symbols 4 Function, section 5 Technical data 6, 7 Characteristic curves 8 Performance limits 8 to 10 Unit dimensions 11 to 15 Mating connector 16 Features. 6/ 16 Bosch Rexroth AG Hydraulics WE 6.

rexroth data sheet 23178

05 Technical data ( for applications exceeding these parameters, please consult product support! ) 1) Suitable for NBR and FKM seals 2) Suitable only for FKM seals 3) The cleanliness classes specified for components must be adhered to in hydraulic systems. Effective filtration prevents.