Ensinger tecapeek datasheets

Tecapeek datasheets

Ensinger tecapeek datasheets

TECAPEEK GF 30 is a 30% glass fibre reinforced semi- crystalline high performance. Material Data Sheet fillers: black, carbon fibre + PTFE + graphite Main features high thermal , October TECAPEEK PVX Chemical Designation : Polyetheretherketone DIN− Abbreviation: PEEK Colours mechanical capacity very abrasion resistant datasheets tecapeek easily machined flame retardent according to UL94 V− 0 very creep resistant good chemical resistance. Ensinger tecapeek datasheets. Material Datasheets ( New) PEEK Material Datasheet NPI PEEK Ensinger datasheets TecaPEEK datasheets Classix NPI PEEK Ensinger TecaPEEK tecapeek PVX NPI PEEK Ensinger TecaPeek Med. TECAPEEK - Stock ShapesChemical Designation Main features Target IndustriesPEEK ( Polyetheretherketone) good heat deflection tecapeek temperature chemical technology good machinability mechanical engineeringColour inherent flame retardant electrical engineeringnatural opaque resistance against high energy radiation aircraft and aerospace. Tecapeek™ made from Victrex PEEK polymer, chemical, , ensinger is an excellent material tecapeek for a wide spectrum of applications where thermal combustion properties are critical to performance. ensinger Ensinger Asia Holding Pte Ltd. Ensinger Ltd Wilfried Way Tonyrefail ensinger Mid Glam CF39 8JQ Tel: Material Data Sheet carbon nano tubes datasheets Main features electrically conductive easily machined low warpage high thermal , fillers: black, December TECAPEEK ELS nano Chemical Designation : Polyetheretherketone datasheets DIN− Abbreviation: PEEK Colours mechanical capacity Preferred Fields ATEX approved applications ensinger Semiconductor technology. Peek virgin properties datasheet tecapeek_ ensinger 1.

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Tecapeek ensinger

Mould shrinkage differs for along flow and across flow directions. “ Along flow” direction is taken as the direction the molten material is travelling when it exits the gate and enters the mould. Mould shrinkage is expressed as a percent change in dimension of a specimen in relation to mould dimensions. Boedeker Plastics, Inc.

ensinger tecapeek datasheets

: Product Information for TECAPEEK PEEK PolyEtherEtherKetone materials from Ensinger. Ensinger TECAPEEK PEEK Sheets & Rods – Versatile Organic Engineering Thermoplastic. PEEK stands for Polyether Ether Ketone.